Name: Half Dragon

Size: 6-7 feet

Skin: Scaled in a variety of colours

Hair: None

Eyes: A variety of mixed colours

Legs: 2

Arms: 2

Wings: 2

Artistic Style

Associated colour: Red

Associated mood: Neutral


Combat Ability: Good

Magic Ability: Normal

Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Neutral and Evil (depending on lore)

Home City:

Primary Faction: The Half Dragons

Primary Deity:


A western hemisphere race originally created by the storm dragon Python as slaves to be used in his final attack on the Dragon homeland of Valum Vaton. After Python was slain by Sigurd and the Ancient Dragon Asag it was declared, during the Treaty of Fire , that the half dragon slaves were to be freed immediately and given full autonomy. The fallen nations that had been subjugated by Python and his armies were handed over to this newly freed race to create a land of freedom and were figureheads for the end of all forms of slavery.

Led by Summus Rex Votan this new nation were promised by Asag that they shall forever be own a debt by the dragons that can be called upon at any time. It is not known if this debt was ever claimed as records of the half dragon civilisations have only been discovered in a few ruined archaelogical sites around the world.

Inspirational Reference

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