Name: Race Name

Size: 4 - 5/5 feet

Skin: Similar to human

Hair: Similar to human

Eyes: Similar to human

Legs: 2

Arms: 2

Artistic Style

Associated colour: White, Gold, Brown

Associated mood: Neutral


Combat Ability: Good

Magic Ability: Normal

Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Good

Home City: Eusebes and Tsiyon

Primary Faction: Alcor

Primary Deity: (the main diety for this race)


The term Half Elf is a relatively new term for the people of Alcor , most of their existence they have been known as the Eusebian's and they have a rich and sometimes bloody history almost as much as their pure human counterparts. Despite being half elf and half human, they are infact neither descendents of the Elves or Human races we know today. The Half Elf blood line instead predates both of the Vishim and Moroei counterparts and even dates back to the Mythological Age .

The Half Elves that are alive today that are of pure blood can trace their routes through the continent of Alcor , where their race emerged from The Under following the cataclysm caused by Hiran Asura . They had waited for almost an age in the dark depths until it was safe to return to the surface. It was then that the Half Elves expanded rapidly and entered what some might describe as a golden age. They constructed the magnificent marble city of Eusebes which became a central hub of art and culture across the southern hemisphere but as all things it eventually crumbled segmenting the people into five tribes.

The new tribes that grew out of this event include the Kandamese, Meropii and Kitezhan. During this time the tribes experienced relative peace amongst each other, respecting each others differences as they always had during the time of Eusebes. However, on the crowning of Kandamese Holy Emperor Dravidian, Kitezhan was eventually invaded by the Kandamese people and, despite the efforts of the Meropii tribe to protect the Kitezhan's, it eventually fell, remaining to this day as under ground ruins inhabited by the remnents of the Kandamese forces.

To make matters worse all of the five tribes found themselves frequently in skirmishes with the resident Mysmaal of Alcor. To deal with this threat, the first Vampire Hunter Guilds ever to grace Solinia were created who took an oath to remain neutral to the tribes and specialised in battling undead and vampire menace.

To this day, the Meropii remain under assault from the Kandamese forces at their city of Old Meropis on the western corners of the continent of Alcor and have so far experienced success in their defensive strategy thanks to an alliance of sorts with the creatures that inhabit the forests to the south of their borders

Those that did not remain on Alcor found their way to Tsiyon, the multicultral capital of Halcron where they remained in peace mostly among the humans and other races. It was a small group of these Half Elves that eventually made the journey across the ocean to the Western Continents (and eventually to Kumari ) under the banner of the Element Expeditionary Force where they eventually influenced the survivors to create the Kingdoms of New Meropis.

Inspirational Reference

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