Simple layout of hoakar


Initially written by Mixxit

Style: Oriental



The island is currently inhabited by the Hoakan people. A human race of peace and tranquility who do not embrace war but study martial arts as a form of transcendence. They are not a sea faring race and as such have no contact with the outside world leaving them untainted.

The operation of the village of Hoa'Kar is entrusted to the Agogos family, led by Cyning Agogos as well as the impartial Alexander Rokr, an influential martial arts master.

The island was once known as Sierra Miwok and home to a race of birdmen known as the The Garuda who have since left the island for reasons unknown. Scattered about the island can be found the ruined remnants of their civilisation. In Garuda folk lore a large population of the Garuda were taken by the giant bird Ye'lelkin.


Temperate climate, extremely calm ocean and many lakes. Mostly rocky mountains cradle the village of Hoa`Kar where the people dedicate their life to the growth of local plants to feed and heal their people.


Main resources include fish, metals and stone as well as the plant life, particularly the Ekir Plant which the locals continuously harvest whilst replanting to ensure an indefinate food supply.

Local Wildlife

Many forms of wildlife exist on the island including deer, bears, wolves and even some treants. Most of these animals exist in harmony with the hoakans maintaining a mutual respect for each others. Some elementals can also be located in the mines as well as an abundance of fish and octopus.

Transport Links

Hoa`kar is for all intents purposes cut off from the rest of Solinia as they have not developed sufficiently advanced seafaring vessels to cross the oceans. They are mostly happy with their life on the island and do not see a reason to expand their culture.

Locations of Interest

The Temple of Tranquility. The eternal furnace. The Village of Hoa'kar. The Black Rock.


The most dangerous wildlife here would be the tainted animals at the north side of Lake Hoa'kar which mainly appear around the Black Rock, a mysterious stone that brings chaos to all that come near it. The priests of Hoa'kar dedicate a large portion of their life ensure the infection is kept at bay and this area of the Lake is sealed from as much life as possible.


In the archives of the Hoakan village can be found details of the arrival of the people to the land. They are said to have fled from the North from an Imperial invasion by an unknown race many centuries ago. However these documents are extremely tattered and fade more each year and are mostly unreadable even by the most skilled scholars.

Recently a progressive member of the Faust family, John Faust, discovered a network of caves beneath the hoakan village which appeared to have been made by an ancient race. The location itself leads deep into an abandoned forge. Unfortunately for John, the village leaders have decided to ban all research into the cave until safety of the village can be assured.