Notes Edit

This lore is maintained by Thorn.

Style Edit

The Imperial Fortress uses grand architecture, with high ceilings and and large rooms. In some ways, it looks more like a manor than a near-unbreakable fortress.

Layout Edit

The Fortress has three outlying structures and one central keep. To get to the keep, one must enter through one of two exterior outlying buildings, fight their way to the central outlying structure, and from there cut a path to the central keep.

   ___   ___   ___
  |   | |   | |   |
->  1 === 3 === 2  <-
  |___| |_ _| |___|
     ____| |____
    |           |
    |           |
    |     4     |
    |           |

Transport Links Edit

The Fortress lies in Western Jingara, near the shores of the large inland lake. There are two entrances, as shown in the ASCII map above. They are indicated with those cute little arrows.

Locations Edit

Guard Barracks Edit

Marked as room 1, the Barracks holds off-duty guards, though in large numbers. They are weak, but if they can get to their weapons they become a much greater threat. The 'boss fight' would simply be entering a room where either a champion is ready for them or several guards have heard the fighting and are prepared for combat.

Training Courtyard Edit

Marked as room 2, the Courtyard is an enclosed area where soldiers drill for battle. There aren't as many as in the Barracks, but they are significantly stronger. The end fight would be against the Drill Sergeant.

Entrance Courtyard Edit

Marked as room 3, this is the main entrance, and as such is heavily guarded. The guards don't expect infiltration from a side building, though. If they manage to raise the alarm the players will likely die, but if they can kill them without them setting off the alarm or bypass them in some other way they'll be safe.

Central Keep Edit

Marked as room 4, this is the largest of the areas. Concerned less with housing guards, it instead is a repository of the relics of the Human Empire Rhukadlor has managed to recover. Guards do patrol the halls, though some of them are automatons from another age. It is in this area that Rhukadlor is confronted for the final time.