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Krastoffen is the homeland of the Taktevolken.

Geography Edit

At one point, Krastoffen was a forested, hilly region. As the Taktevolken grew in number though, they needed more resources. Trees were consumed in furnaces, rivers were diverted to power water wheels and the land was torn apart to harvest the oil and coal underneath.

Today, Krastoffen is a charred wasteland. The sky is blackened by soot, the few surviving groves of trees are stunted things, and most major mountains have some sort of mine carving away at the side.

Resources Edit

Krastoffen has plentiful coal and oil deposits. Most other natural resources have been consumed.

Local Wildlife Edit

Insects and small vermin are the most dominant form of actual life in Krastoffen, as they can survive on the sparse vegetation that persists in the region.

Transport Links Edit

Krastoffen borders Uhrwek and Tosteladt.

Locations of Interest Edit

The Crawling Fortress is a marvel of smog-belching, grime encrusted engineering, and also responsible for large swaths of devastation to the countryside. Many of the Taktevolken are forged in it's rumbling depths.

Threats Edit

The Taktevolken come in many forms. There are many that are the rank-and-file soldiers commonly seen, but whatever force guides them to war has proven itself creative in the past. Wandering the tattered wilds of Krastoffen are many of the strange variants that have been constructed over the years. Any of these creatures pose a significant threat.

History Edit

Like all of Alatyr, not much is known of this Krastoffen's past. It is known, however, that the Taktevolken emerged as a force after the Rauklete and Zahnfe, but rapidly grew to match and eventually begin to eclipse their bretheren.