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Cultures Edit

The Hoakar

Geography Edit

This stunning lake is surrounded by fertile green lands and forests that are maintained maticulously by the Hoakan people. Surrounded by mountains this lake was originally discovered when mining for minerals on the edges of the Village of Hoa'Kar.

Resources Edit

Timber is carefully removed from the forest and a new tree replanted where necessary. The villages take care to protect the habitats of the wildlife of the forests to ensure a sustainable environment. The lake is also a popular fishing spot for the villagers who consider it holy. (Due to the location of the temple of tranquility below).

Local Wildlife Edit

Fish, deer, badgers, bears, treants and hawks are common.

Transport Links Edit

The only entrance to the lake is through an old mining shaft that leads to the village of Hoa'Kar.

Locations of Interest Edit

Game:The_Black_Rock and Game:The_Temple_Of_Tranquility.

Threats Edit

The lake and the surrounded area is mostly peaceful, even the bears do not bother outsiders as they exist in harmony with each other. However, around the Black Rock, some creatures have been found to be tainted and occasionally attack outsiders.

History Edit

Originally the home of some long forgotten race, the lake itself did not exist. It is believed that the temple for some unknown reason sank deep into the ground eventually gathering enough rainwater to become a lake.

The area itself was discovered by Minoru faust during a mining expedition to the north of the Village.