Lake Loaka is the large body of water in the center of Nuchalnuth. It's believed that there's at least a large underground spring giving it water, for though water pours freely into the chasm of Green Hell, the water level doesn't seem to drop.

Fish are plentiful, and as long as one stays in the shallower waters they are usually safe. A few ships have tried to cross over the center of the lake, but upon entering the deep waters the ship is taken, forced into the depths by some gargantuan beast. The creature hasn't been seen entirely, though sightings describe that the part that breached the water was the size of a small mountain, and appeared to be only the mouth of the monster. Whatever the creature is, it likely dwarfs even the Emperor Eels in size. The Takafi have given a name to the creature, calling it the Loakanoa. It's actually from that name that the name of the lake is derived.