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There are many languages in use on Solinia as well as the more modern 'Common Tongue' that has been embraced by the races, particularly the world traders.

Players are able to switch, make use of and learn new languages starting with Common Tongue and their race specfic.

Languages cannot be understood by players until they have mastered it, which is raised like any other skill. Raising the language skill requires you to simply listen to the language being spoken.

Switching a language can be done with the /language "Name" command. For example /language "Common Tongue"

Pre-Cataclysm Edit

Ancient Wei Script - A system of glyphs and symbols interpreted individually and in groups to determine words.

Holy Script - A phonetic modification on the Wei script, adopted by the Nijin, who thought they were 'making it better.'

(Inspiration: Japanese adaptation of Chinese language).

Modern Edit

Common Tongue - A language descended from Halcronian which became commonly used by all races since the boom of world trade.

Vishar - Spoken by the Vishim.

Mysam - An ancient language spoken by the Mysmaal.

Deep Speech - Spoken by the Eiao.

Lidik - Spoken by the Lidkim.

Gialonian - Spoken by the Gialon.

Endol - Spoken by the Endols.

Hootfeather - Spoken by the Garuda.

Gnashing - Spoken by Taxicost.

Chitter-Spoken by Wispens

High Chitter-Spoken by Mega Wispens

Click Clacking-Spoken by the Sept

Navajan-spoken by the Navajo

Chu'nan-Spoken by the Chunel. It has no written form.

Geartongue-Spoken by the mechanical races of Alatyr.

Morannon-Spoken by the Morannon


sect tongue is a ancient and relativly dead language.It was spoken by two main people in its time many aeons ago. it was spoken by the preist sects of the tinia and by the council of gods recently uncovered by libarians un anicent scrolls.To the mortal ears this language sounds like complete gibberish.The closest translators and speakers we have today are the angel priests which are working on decodings for the kings.Even though it it gibberish to us it has over time degraded in to most modern tongues including large portions of the common tongue can relate back to the sect tongue users.