By Lucilla Lischetti


Name: Lidkim

Size: Medium

Skin: Green or brown leathery/scaley skin depending on their residation

Hair: None, sometimes on head (only)

Eyes: Green, blue, a dark purple

Legs: 2 - webbed feet

Arms: 2 - webbed hands

Artistic Style

Associated colour: Dark green and reddish tints and sometimes blue tints

Associated mood: Kind to most people, welcoming in their homes


Combat Ability: Good, melee is their ideal choice of combat

Magic Ability: Very little magic (But more than the Eiao)

Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Good

Home City: To be completed

Primary Faction: To be completed

Worshipped Deity: Lunarine


Skin lidkim

Current Racial Skin

They wear very little clothing, since they are scaley, but enough to cover the private parts of the body. They eat fish and underwater vegetation. For entertainment they often hold celebrations in the center of their cities. They often look for places to settle new areas at in the open-water areas. The Lidkim race are known to inhabit the land of Acacia, split into two factions - one allied with the Vishim and the other deranged by an ancient curse and are forever at war with their own. See the Acacia page for more information.

Rumour has it that Lidkim procreate upside down under rocks.

Inspirational Reference