Name: Race Name

Size: (Height of the race)

Skin: (Colour of their skin)

Hair: (Colour of their hair)

Eyes: (Colour of their eyes)

Legs: (How many legs?)

Arms: (How many arms?)

Artistic Style

Associated colour: (Colour that is often found with these people)

Associated mood: (Happy/Neutral/Sad)


Combat Ability: (Good, Normal, Poor, None)

Magic Ability: (Good, Normal, Poor, None)

Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Good

Home City: (The Main City of the race, if applicable - or Wilderness if an animal etc)

Primary Faction: (the main faction, ie The Nasudonians)

Primary Deity: (the main diety for this race)


The Lizardmen of the Western Continents can trace their roots to the East on the continent of Acacia .

Something unusual happened on this island many thousands of years ago that raised the entire western portion of the land and scorched the once wild forests that covered it. During this time, the Lidkim, the elder name of the Lizardmen speak of a curse that tainted their kin and transformed them into cannibals which resulted in the the total annihilation of their capital Chelthix.

Fortunately for the remaining sane Lidkim, the Vishim (Elves), who had recently become a seafaring race, arrived and formed a partial alliance with them in agreement for land on the eastern shore to study the architecture and gather resources.

The Vishim soon established the city of Braemar and eventually the fort of Fiongate that some Lidkim use as temporary housing although most prefer to stay in the lost capital of Chelthix which they hope to one day rebuild if they can finally rid the land of the Zunak.

Due to relations with the Vishim , some Lidkim escaped to Tsiyon where a handful signed up to join the Element Expeditionary Force leading them far to the Western Island sand eventually partook in the founding of the Kingdoms of New Meropis .

Inspirational Reference

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