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This location is being written by Mixxit (initially)

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The Lidkim have existed here for centuries however the recent events have split the race into the normal and the diseased (which exist elsewhere).

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Chelthix was once a grand city of the Lidkim that existed on Acacia however due to the raising of the western lands the city now lies in ruins on a baron wasteland/desert.

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Odd fruits and plantline grow here that could be considered exotic to some.

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The wastelands of acacia are home to many types of poisonous snakes and scorpians as well as the odd vulture and other bird that feeds on the remains of those fallen in the battle between the infected Game:Lidkim and their descendents.

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Lost Chelthix allows the main route to the eastern portion of the island which is guarded mostly by the allied Vishim who have recently arrived on the continent.

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Many dangerous animals lurk around the edges of this city including the diseased lidkim. It is a very hostile environment but the Lidkim refuse to abandon their once great city and continue to attempt to rebuild it even though it is constantly knocked down again by invaders.

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This once great 'blue city' was home to the unified Lidkim . However, due to events believed to have accured at the forbidden pyramids of Azura and Beza the people of Lidkim have become segmented and infected. The city was besieged by over ten thousand lidkim and the majority of the uninfected Lidkim fled to the east to reform an army and take it back. When they returned Chelthix was all but gone but they continue their efforts to rebuild it despite constant invasion.

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Babylon -

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