This location is being written by Mixxit (initially)


Mixed races from all over solinia (due to the city of Tsiyon being here)


This stretch of land that runs from the city of tsiyon to the far eastern coast of Halcron is home to the busiest mines on solinia as well the many farmlands that have existed here for centuries.


This land is extremely fertile and used as farmland and game hunting.

Also to the north on the edges of Cryswind Peak can be found many mines that are used for the Tsiyon mint. Including Scaligers Mine and The Vartouhi Mineshaft where miners mine precious platinum, copper, silver and gold.

Local Wildlife

Wolves and other plains animals.

Transport Links

On the eastern edges of Cryswind Peak can be found the mountain pass that connects the area to the Northern Plains of Karnon .

The main road from Aldgate to Tsiyon runs through this area and is patrolled by Tsiyon horsemen regularly.

Locations of Interest

Scaligers Mine

The Vartouhi Mineshaft


Royal Crypts


Mostly wolves and other plain land creatures roam this area. Occasionally a group of Gobel will venture into the land from Cryswind Peak to be quickly dispatched by the many Tsiyon horsemen that patrol the area.