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The city of Lunacia can be found in Lake Lostice and is home to the Yotes. Founded in the year 48936 ME by the Huntsman Yotes, an early caste of the Yotes civilisation, it is known for it's wild furs and meats from the local wildlife. However, due to it's location, little vegetation is known to grow in the area due to the cold and dry climate so, over time, the Yotes here have adapted to the climate and make use of fur clothing which has protected them from the hazardous conditions.

Not many of the races in the area are on friendly terms with the Yotes. Some believe this was due to a time before the founding of Lunacia when the Yotes were always in the need of others for protection and shelter. These events eventually led to the exile of the Yotes to the wild northlands where the Yotes promptly learned how to defend themselves and become self sufficient leading to the eventual construction of the city of Lunacia.




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