A member of the Bard Guild, Lyric works for the Regulators, keeping the guild in the dark about Bless' Village and sowing discord against Shine's former kingdom. He is an Eiao.


Being an Eiao, he has a natural inclination towards being musical and jolly. However, unlike the more conservative music that the others usually play, his always had an emphasis on flair rather than joviality, which made him a little weird in the eyes of others. He eventually joined the Bard Guild in hopes of becoming famous and making it big.

Unfortunately, no one was really looking for his type of music, and he stayed stuck as an apprentice longer than others before finally given permission to play in pubs...with other people's songs.

Feeling spurned, he nearly quit, but then met Slur at a pub, who overheard the drunk Lyric's woes. And that's how he got a job with the Regulators. It turns out that Bless' old village wanted to get into the guild, which worried the Nijin very much. Without asking any questions, Lyric took on the job of keeping the village's application to open a guild from going through. This eventually put Lyric in contact with Oto, the village's musician, who made fascinating automatic instruments that played on gears. Lyric stole the plans and modified them for his own use.

At the moment, Lyric is using his influence to subtly turn the world against Shine's old kingdom to instigate a war, and his hideout is in said kingdom.

Lyric's HideoutEdit

When the player finally faces down Lyric, they find traps waiting for them. A whole lot of traps. The battle is a musical extraveganza as they chase Lyric, who has a fireworks/pyrotechnic display hooked up to piano keys, a scrolling musical sheet that sprouts saws, spears and slamming walls at every sharp and flat (his idea of a joke), and an automated orchestra that summons mechanical dancers modified with weapons. These are just the known weapons, and most likely has quite a few more. However, these traps can possibly be used against Lyric, and when he is finally hunted down, he has virtually no means of defense.

Inspiration for the battle (around 1:10, and replace the gambling theme with instruments):

Oh, and the bugs won't be necessary.