Size: Varies between house size and redwood size

Skin: Thick brown trunk

Hair: Leaves, changing with the seasons

Eyes: Two knotholes, hard to spot as they are near the top

Arms: Many branches, but only two still have limited movement

Legs: Roots are now firmly in the ground

Color: Brown

Mood: Still mischievous

Combat Ability: Even more impaired than their younger siblings, as they have lost all movement. The branches they can move cannot reach the ground.

Magic Ability: Greater than their younger siblings. Now have the additional ability to summon hostile animals and aggravate non-hostile ones.

Alignment: Neutral

Background: When a Wispen comes of age, they take root and begin to act more like a natural tree, where they grow to enormous heights. They never lose their talent for trouble, expanding their influence over nature to make new combinations of poison and controlling the woodland creatures to do their bidding. They are frustrated by their inability to move, leading them to pick on even their younger siblings.