Brief Details

Metnalba is a dense jungle, located not too far from the repaired tower that the monsters are coming from into the settled lands.


There was once a number of Human settlements here, though they've all been long since overgrown and lost to the creeping undergrowth of the jungle. The only intelligent race now present is the Navajo, a race of bipedal alligators.


Metnalba is very easy to get lost in. There are some rolling hills, and a mountain rising inexplicably from the depths of the jungle. The mountain, Mt. Yutacan, is entirely covered with dense overgrowth. There are countless rivers snaking through the trees that vary in size from a few feet across to over twenty meters.


There are many fruits and animals native to the jungles of Metnalba. A good percentage of the fruit is somewhat poisonous, and many of the animals are efficient predators.

Local Wildlife

There are many native animals here. Small, lemur-like creatures are a common sight swinging through the trees in search of fruit, and travelers need to be wary of the saber-toothed panthers that lurk in the undergrowth. The rivers flow with brightly colored fish, hiding the occasional school of piranhas and sliding around the submerged form of crocodiles.

Transport Links

Metnalba is a relatively short distance from the tower that has been serving as the entrance for the monsters invading the settled lands.

Locations of Interest

Mt. Yutacan is the dominant terrain feature. Despite it's appearance, it's actually an enormous ziggurat constructed by the ancient Humans. It now serves as the domain of Elder Human Xlaxotl, as he continues his thousand-year experiments in the crumbling depths of the ancient structure.