Back when the slave trade was a lucrative business, there was a large demand for imprisonment, transportation and trade of captured species, and Michel was the king of the trade. Having started out with just a trading post, he established the trade routes with ships he put investment in. This allowed his business to boom. When the portals were created, Michel was a financial giant, and no longer needed to rely on ships, preferring to charge a fee for passing slaves through the portals (the farther away it was, the more expensive it would be). He was able to do this because he practically had a monopoly in the industry. This despicable being never showed regret for his actions, as he believed that humans truly had dominion over all others. In the end, he was rich enough to buy the technology needed to extend his life, and to preserve he and his family in the statis pods when the humans were losing the slave wars.

If Michel has one weakness, it's his kids. He considers his four, precious children to be the apatheosis of all that is good. Too bad three of them are trying to kill him to gain his inheritance (the last child's only a little kid). So far, there have been hundreds of attempts on his life, ranging from poison to faulty equipment. Michel has always survived, never suspecting that his own offspring was trying to kill him.

Michel is the former slave owner of D'ryle, and makes it his personal mission to recapture him, even readjusting his bounty to make even D'ryle's fellow Solinians do a double take.