Size: Around the size of salmon.

Skin: Slimy, reddish

Hair: Antenna, also red

Eyes: On stalks, with the eyes themselves similar to bug eyes with bright bands crossing it

Arms: none

Legs: eight

Color: Red

Mood: Instinct

Combat Ability: None

Magic Ability: None

Alignment: None

Background: These tiny little scuttlers live at the bottoms of various lakes and rivers, where there is fresh water. They feed on tiny plankton and any scraps leftover from another predator's meal. So why are so many people sending out researchers to study their habits? Because their eyes are attuned to see anything: a change in temperature, the wind, and the supernatural. The last one will send the Miratta's digging, burying themselves underneath the sand until the time is right to emerge. During the cataclysm, many people died. Some became the victims of necromancy, while others are merely vengeful spirits. When the Miratta's go under, an exorcist is always summoned.