Name: Modern Human

Size: Ranging between 5-7 feet

Skin: A mixture of colours from almost black to white with a pinkish tinge

Hair: Brown, Black, Golden, Silver, White, Orange, Green

Eyes: Blue, Green, Brown

Legs: 2

Arms: 2

Artistic Style

Associated colour: White

Associated mood: Neutral


Combat Ability: Normal

Magic Ability: Normal to poor

Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Neutral

Home City: Meropis in the Western Hemisphere

Primary Faction: Human Empire

Primary Deity: Nearly all


Following the many years of interbreeding between races in Tsiyon and other areas of the world the human race consists of a mixture of Meroei, Eusebian, Endol and Chunel. Descended from the shipwrecked crew of Element 5 sent to scout the western hemisphere they (after a great struggle) founded the city of Alaris which was to become the birthplace of the Modern Human Empire. Following the growth of the city they spread north found Northreach and eventually Meropis where they have built an empire to span much of the western world.

However, as the empire grew it had become bloated and many of it's citizens consistently suffered a gradually worser life year by year. Due to this, several renegade elements attacked the capital taking out the last steward of the empire sending the near by lands into chaos.

Inspirational Reference

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