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This location is being written by Mixxit (initially)

Cultures Edit

Home to the Garuda this temple was constructed in honour of a garudan diety after events forcing them to abandon Sierra Miwok.

Geography Edit

The Monastary of Amonsul is situated in the southern area of Mt. Athos on Avalon

Resources Edit

Stone and various forms of metal can be found in the area surrounding the temple.

Local Wildlife Edit

No life exist here other than aggressive elementals who the Guruda are constantly battling. Fortunately for the Guruda the lakes adjacent to Shadowmoor provide endless supplies of fish to support the Guruda population.

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Locations of Interest Edit

The temple itself.

Threats Edit

Beyond the walls of the Temple many aggressive elementals can be found wondering.

History Edit

The Monastary was constructed following the evacuation of Sierra Miwok. After spending many years in the forests of Game:Avalon the Guruda were ready to rebuild their society and agreed to construct a temple in the honour the diety that had spared them the destruction brought to them on Sierra Miwok. However this was not without difficulty, the Garuda naturally favour homes in the great heights but were forced to fight many elementals to secure the territory in Mt. Athos where their new home would lie.