In the past, most races had their own form of trade and currency. Over time with the increase in global trade it became necessary for a centralised monetary system. The monetary system is controlled by the Eokd, a council of all the races, in the city of Tsiyon.

All of the precious metals, besides platinum, are mined from The Vartouhi Mineshaft mines a short distance from the city.

The Platinum is harvested from the small Scaligers Mine on the island of Halcron.

The Current System

World currency currently uses the following format:



Anti-Forgery Procedures

Due to an attempted forgery of Platinum coins by the magician Zopiros a special substance is added to the metal used to make all the different coins, it is called Xemicl.

This chemical makes the coins glow when dropped in water and is used to prove the validity of the coins.

None knows what the chemical is composed of, or if it is a natural element, this is because the Eokd has taken a good deal of measures to keep the chemical makeup a seceret.