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Appearance Edit

Name: Morannon

Size: Slightly short.

Skin: Tan to dark tan.

Hair: Darker, earthy tones for the most part. Dirty blond and blond does happen, though it's rare.

Eyes: Dark to light brown.

Legs: 2

Arms: 2

Artistic Style Edit

Associated colour: Browns and other earth tones.

Associated mood: Gusto.

Ability Edit

Combat Ability: Very good.

Magic Ability: Poor, except for item enhancement.

Alignment and Faction Edit

Alignment: Neutral

Home City: None.

Primary Faction: The Morannar

Background Edit

File:Skin morannon.png

The Morannon are believed to be related to the Eiao. They look quite similar, except for the Morannon being slightly taller and dressing quite differently. Living as they do in the heat Skaranach Highlands, they tend to wear lightweight clothing, the men usually going without shirts. The men grow beards, and favor longer hair worn in tied-back dreadlocks. The women tend to also have dreadlocks, though they generally don't tie theirs back. Among both genders, tying small objects into their dreadlocks is common, along with hair-rings.

Morannon culture is clan based, each clan operating out of it's own village. Men are usually the hunters and warriors, while women have more dominance in most of the less combat-oriented positions. That being said, there's a special class of Morannon women warriors who fight with shield exclusively, not actually using a weapon. Instead, a shield strapped to each arm, they become amazingly difficult to attack and are capable of knocking foes senseless with their full-contact fighting style.