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Mt. Yutucan was once a very large research center for the Human empire. It was built in the local equivalent of Art Deco, with a number of carvings and relief in a style reminiscent of the Mayans.

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Mt. Yutucan is a very large complex, with more territory expanding beneath the surface. Some parts are in ruins.

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The only way into Mt. Yutucan is through a collapsed section near the top of the structure. As the players go, they may be able to set up quicker paths into the lower areas after completing the earlier parts.

Locations Edit

Mt Yutucan Peak Edit

The first area of the dungeon. Some of the local wildlife has entered here, and have been using it as a home. Players will have to contend with ambushes from sabre-toothed jaguars as they proceed.

As they go deeper, the players find that the ruins are less overgrown further in. There are sentinels patrolling in here, ragged from the passage of time. Even in their current state though, they are a force to be reckoned with. The end boss of the Peak is a prototype sentinel, very large and quite powerful. When defeated it topples backwards, crashing through some pipework. These pipes, easily six feet wide, provide passage to the next area.

Mt Yutucan Labs Edit

It was in the labs that the Human empire brewed new forms of life, some of which still exists down here. Along with having to defeat the shuffling horrors that stalk the halls, the players must also contend with the environmental hazards such as chemical spills. The first boss-type encounter the players deal with in the labs is the Euthenization chamber. Upon entering the doors will slam shut, and the players will face a gauntlet of challenges before the ancient machine breaks, shattering a chunk through which the players can leave.

As they delve further, the creatures they encounter become more misshapen, culminating in an encounter with a huge, horrible monster titled the Prince of Imperfection. In his death throes he will vomit acid over a large area, from which the players must take cover. The acid does, however, melt the path open into the next level of the dungeon.

Mt Yutucan Archives Edit

This area is characterized by the towering shelves filled with knowledge, in everything from books to data suspended in a crystal matrix. The area is patrolled by service and research drones, carrying out orders millenia old. This has become the dwelling of the Gedenkasser, a semi-corporal creature that came from the Maw in a way similar to that of the Klacker. This being lives on knowledge, however, and has already feasted upon what is located here. The players will have to fight it in a series of hit-and-run skirmishes before confronting it in it's lair at the Directory. Once it's dead, they find (along with any treasure) the entry code to the depths of the mountain.

As a side note, the Archives would be a perfect place to add any flavor background on the world, simply laying a few readable books around.

Mt. Yutucan Depths Edit

From the entrance into the depths, a dry, raspy voice can be heard booming through the halls, threatening the intruders to leave and telling them they invade not just a ruin, but another time. As they fight their way past more intact sentries and vicious biological experiments, the voice continues to threaten them and promise doom.

After overcoming all challenges, the players find Elder Human Xlaxotl in his personal biolab. He brings his full might to bear in an attempt to crush the players. Should he be defeated, everyone involved in his defeat gains access to the Chunel as a playable race, along with the treasure from defeating an elder human scientist.