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Cultures Edit

Mycolgn is home of the Setagn.

Geography Edit

The area composing Mycolgn (My-cole-n) is chiefly dominated by three enormous trees. The settlement itself is built into a large network of bioluminescent shelf fungus big enough that bridges between some of them connect the trees. The ground slopes up heavily towards the trees and is soft and spongy, somewhat difficult to walk on.

Resources Edit

Mycolgn has no real resources, and only one commodity: safety. It's near impossible for the giant insects to attack the Setagn while they are in here, there are too many capable of bringing them down.

Local Wildlife Edit

Same as the local wildlife in Green Hell Floor.

Transport Links Edit

Mycolgn is located a little south of the center of Green Hell Floor.

Layout Edit

A few things are common in Mycolgn. The light comes ambiently from the many walls of the city, and the ground is slightly yielding to the step. The color of the fungus varies from one area to another, and it's possible that it's actually several types of shelf fungus all grown together.

The Setagn make their homes in all levels of the city.

The Low Shelves Edit

The lowest of the regions, this is the ground level entrance to Mycolgn. This is also where the injured are brought and where the shells of giant insects are worked into items. This is because otherwise they would need to be hauled through the city, risking the life of injured Setagn and giving more time for the shells to degrade. The leader of the Low Shelves is a middle-aged Psilocybe Azurescens breed named Potzan.

Facilities Edit

The Low Shelves host a bustling market by Setagn standards, and many tools, armors, weapons and spore-based poisons can be acquired here. The leading insect-chitin armor shop is called Indurskan. Lacking metal or leather, the joints of the armor are composed of a variant of an insect-killing fungus which instead only clings powerfully to the shells, forming a very strong and durable bond.

The primary weapons shop is named Tageilnt. Cutting weapons generally sport a blade made of a composite of materials, usually an edge from the wing of a giant insect (Much harder than one would have thought) with a backing of wood or chitin. Piercing weapons usually use insect mandibles, and blunt weapons aren't much used by the Setagn.

The Middle Shelves Edit

Second highest in altitude, this district is the mystical core of the settlement. An interesting sight to see, a large portion of the interior is taken up by a sprawling, multi-breed mushroom grove. This is where the old Setagn of Mycolgn go to their final rest, and a good number of young Setagn are spawned from here.

The leader of the Middle Shelves is a glowing breed named Khandezk.

Facilities Edit

Besides the mushroom chamber, this is also where the Setagn practice their magic. This magic is recorded on sheets crafted from the gills of giant mushrooms with an ink made of powdered spores and tree sap. Reading a Setagn spellbook is a colorful experience.

The High Shelves Edit

The highest altitudes in Mycolgn, this is also the most vulnerable to attack from giant flying insects. As such, it's a kind of 'military district', where the more militant races of Setagn go to learn to fight.

The leader of this level is a Destroying Angel breed named Toesych.

Facilities Edit

The facilities in the High Shelves are various forms of combat training. There's a number of styles varying by breed, from the stealth forms of the Death Caps to the up front confrontational styles of the Fly Amanita. To those interested in learning exotic combat forms, there is much to be found here.

Threats Edit

Giant insects are a danger, but only in regions exposed to the outside and facing away from the core of the city. The top level is the most dangerous for this.

History Edit

Mycolgn was the first Setagn settlement, and has since become the biggest. A number of Setagn had been living a nomadic life together, and when they came across the shelf fungus began to start using it as shelter. Time went on, the Setagn prospered and the fungus grew. As they began to delve into magic, they discovered ways to hasten the growth of the fungus, and direct it's expansion. Armed with this knowledge, they began to drastically increase the size of the already giant shelf fungus until it began to reach it's current colossal size.

The three levels govern themselves for the most part. Each one selects a leader from it's own though, and the three leaders convene to plan the future of the city.

Inspirational Reference Edit

An example of Shelf Fungus

Basically just large clumps of Shelf Fungus big enough to build a town in, with rope-like bridges and ladders connecting the levels and clusters.