NPC chat makes use of a multiple-choice response system where the player may engage with the world character and extract background information as well as trigger events such as being offered quests, trading, banking and so on.

How it works

NPC chat can be triggered in one of two ways:

  • The player double clicks a NPC
  • The player triggers an event that the NPC is waiting for

Once chat initiates, the player camera will lock and zoom onto the NPC and chat text as well as possible responses are displayed below.

The player may click on any response which begins another chat session or triggers an event such as begin trade, bank, accept quest and so on.

Logic for chat

All logic that is assigned to an npc is allocated in the server side scripts for the NPC in question. This logic is then used to build the chat gui that occurs on double click.

Other than the layout of the chat GUI, the chat system itself is as standard in the stock Torque MMO Kit.