Simple map of Nilakantha


This location is being written by Mixxit (initially)


Once a home to an ancient civilisation this land is all but lost. Undead and forms of goo and slime roam the island looking for their latest victim.

The two only exceptions appears to be the Endols, who apparently live deep under the toxic lake of Berox, and the Wispens a race that appear to have eternal scorn for them.


Once a great jungle this continent is seperated by a stretch of mountains cutting off the north and the south at Lake Berox.

The land itself now is covered in dead trees and toxic swamps that are unforgiving and dangerous.


Unmatched poison, even compared to scheria.

Local Wildlife

Undead humans and poisonous goos, strange walking plants and dark cloud like entities.

Transport Links

There are no links to the outside world but there may have once been a port to the very south in a lost city believed to be called Dal'Goroth.

Locations of Interest

Those mad enough to explore the land would wish to make their way to Wertrat. However even entering the city requires travelling across most of the continent and then swimming into a deadly poison filled lake that would erode most armour let alone flesh.




It is easier to classify that which is not a threat than what is.


Little is known about the history of this island other than folktales and songs sung in ports around Solinia which seem to mention a race known as the Endol which created a most unusual and unforgiven race known as the Wispens.