There are plenty of important people in Solinia, some commonly known, some all but forgotten.



A former Endol excorcist, he was reincarnated into a Sept Queen when General Mato began stirring in Waeto. In life, he had hunted Poltergeist and freed Spex from the mortal plane, allowing them to pass over into the afterlife. He specialized in necromancy, but a benign version that aided spirits rather than manipulated them. More than once, he was able to grant peace to a Poltergeist in lieu of killing it. As a queen, his body is all black, with some white magic runes written all over, making him look like a giant, flying ant that drew on itself. His royal chamber is decorated with spirit wards, and insisted that all entrances to the hive have said wards as well.


The Committee

A group of scholars, numbering no more than four people, who oversee all affairs involving the Hope Library. They have final say in what does and does not enter the library catalog, and also each one can mentor a pilgrim in editing their text. The Committee work together with the All Consumer (via its Great Worms) to upkeep the library. All Committee members are required to take training in combat so that they can be called upon to defend the library. They also are able to permit traps and guards into the library, should sufficient reason be presented for it (invading army, assassin, etc.) Two prominent members include a female member named Straight, who is pragmatic, practical and intelligent, and an elderly member named Yates, who acts in a grandfatherly manner to most everyone he meets.


Elder Human Xlaxotl



All data collected on the Lidkim Slur is minimal. The only things known about him is that either he works for the Regulators or is one of their leaders. He is responsible for manufacturing '1-hit weapons,' weapons manufactured by the gods that have the ability to kill anything, but then shatter afterwards. At first, the gods had a monopoly on the weapons, but when Slur somehow found a way to duplicate these weapons, it sent the whole of Solinia into an arms race, with even the gods getting involved. For whatever reason, he has a special interest in the Time Mage Village.

Slur is said to have gotten his codename because, as his subordinates have been overheard saying, 'his mouth and brain aren't quite hooked up right.' He's been known to not only slur words, but to get 'automatic responses' (hello, goodbye, among other phrases) completely mixed up, leaving those who can understand his words confused as to what he actually means.



An Eiao, Bleed is said to have infiltrated the Cell Squad as a double agent. His current goal is unknown, but it seems connected with the Hope Library. Extreme supervision has been placed on him. Like Slur, it is unknown if he is a leader or merely an operative.

Bleed gets his codename from the fact that there is almost always physically wrong with him. It is unknown if he is frail, stressed, or merely a hypochondriac.


A former head of the Royal Guard for a Eusebian kingdom, Shine is well known for both his valiant attitude and for his ability to stomach every atrocity his time in the guard has exposed him to (he once watched a terrorist burn hostages to death one by one in an attempt to break him. The terrorist surrendered afterward, despite the fact that Shine was tied up. This was because that not only did Shine not break, but, as the terrorist put it, "he was concentrating so hard on them, you'd think he was studying for a university examination"). This is not due to apathy or sadism, but because Shine believes that one should never turn away from atrocities, but rather they '...should be burned into your brain. The more depraved you remember individuals to be, the less naive you'll be when dealing with their ilk in the future.' This had his former guards both impressed and worried.

Despite this, he is accepting of good, and doted on his son Sepa, the prince of the kingdom. However, if there was anything Shine hated, it's dogma. This put him at odds with the gods, especially with his kingdom's patron god, Lunarine. He always felt that the god's imposed rules to be a crime. This intesified into intense hatred for the gods once Lunarine, as he saw it, sacrificed his son for her cause and alienated him from his family.

Shine almost always wears a steel helmet, which had protected him many times in battle. Unfortunately, this helmet always rang when hit, eventually affecting his hearing. It often takes him more than one try to understand someone. It only gets worse when he joins the Regulators and has to work with Slur.


A runaway Nijin, she founded the Regulators when she released Cuddles from imprisonment and joined forces with the banished Shine.

When Waeto was destroyed, a few Nijin had already left to look for settlement elsewhere. They eventually found a home on a small isolated island. This is where Bless was born. The village prospered, with advancements in gear and water based technology and culture. However, Bless was a victim to this same cultured, as she was groomed from marriage from the day she was born. She was made beautiful. And the Nijin view of beauty was small feet. As a result, her feet were repeatedly bound and broken over and over, effectively making mobility nearly impossible for her. To add to her misery, she was pressured to married partly because her father was a prominent member of the village, having deciphered Wei script, which the Waeto survivors found more valuable than the corrupted Wei text of their former home.

It is unknown what had happened, but one day Bless got a pair of prosthetic legs and ran away on the day she was to be married. Her father was shamed, and committed suicide as a result. All her father's work on the Wei script disappeared. However, it is unknown whether Bless stole the documents, or if her father had a reason to hide them.

Sometime during her travels, Bless made it her mission to reshape first breaking it apart. Unfortunately, a lot of her work requires stealth and infiltration, and even if she could blend in as a Nijin, her noisy, spring loaded legs made too much noise for her to be able to sneak around when necessary. This is no end to embarassment for her, especially since this was part of the reason she founded the Regulators in the first place.


The original Taxicost, Cuddles was created by the elder gods as a means to either fight or negotiate with the creatures from other dimensions, such as the All Consumer and the Inevitable. This was done by taking pieces of various creatures and melding them with Cuddles' body. However, something went wrong, as the pieces of the creatures took on a life of their own. Their minds melded with Cuddles' still developing mind, driving him insane. Eventually, all the personalities combined into one--and entitiy calling itself 'The Dark.' It is unknown what The Dark said or did, but it was enough to scare the gods into splitting the mental link each individual personality had with each other, leaving Cuddles' now shattered mind as the dominant personality. After failing to separate the pieces from him, they instead imprisoned him. The rest of the Taxicost (who were to be used for the same purpose) were discarded onto Solinia, where they learned to merge with the various lifeforms. Eventually, Cuddles was somehow released by Bless and is the Regulator's 'pet.' Bless made an outfit for Cuddles to help hide his...friends.

The pieces on Cuddles' body are rarely active, choosing instead to sleep and conserve energy. However, every once in a while a piece will awake and communicate with Cuddles, whispering into his mind. So far, despite their alien nature, they do not seem hostile to Cuddles, and have no interest with interfering with Regulator plans. So far, The Dark has no chance of reemerging, as the gods put a mental barrier between each mind after the separation.


The Survivor

When the Inevitable had finished its latest meal, it began to latch onto the Solinia universe. However, because it was so stuffed, some 'crumbs' were still floating around in its mouth. One of these was the Klacker, which would later fall and land in Waeto. The other is the survivor, the last sentient being of his devoured dimension. An unremarkable being in his own dimension, he would be considered so hideous in Solinia's that many would go mad looking at him. But he was man, not monster, and thus was he able to despair his situation. Living in what would be known as the Maw, he got a clear view of the next universe that the Inevitable would eat. It was during this time that the Inevitable inhaled some loose portals from Solinia. The Survivor accidentaly fell into one of these, and ended up on the planet.

It was here that he experienced hope. While dying, as he was not meant for Solinia's atmosphere, he witnessed the power of magic between two factions of species. Where the Survivor's technology failed his species, he thought that this power, unbound by any laws of science, could be key to killing the Inevitable. A faction found him, and all immediately averted their eyes. Using his last breath, he wrote one word into the dirt:


The faction would eventually deduce that the Survivor was some sort of fallen angel, proclaiming the name of the planet. However, what he was writing was 'Beacon of Light,' or rather 'Hope', as that was what Solinia was in his language. In his old dimension, any place deemed Solinia was holy ground, worth protecting and dying for. Although the Survivor was the last of his kind, he still held out hope that someone would understand the word's meaning.

(Note: If we accept the Inevitable's storyline of trying to devour Solinia, that thing's going to be dislodging both creatures like the Klacker and the Survivor's species from its mouth. Solinia will be the trigger word that lets them fight on your side.)

The Time Mages

The six mages who oversee the Time Stones in their village. They are:

Saul and Asarah

A former Vishim and Endol, respectively, both guard the Backwards Stone, being reverted to their previous lives as a result. Saul was a Vishim who was experienced in plant study, and as a result was the one to convert the soul around the stone for crop growth. Asarah was an anthropologist, and takes great care to study each subsequent life to determine what sort of lives her ancestor's lived. Saul is focused entirely on work, and Asarah's tendency to retreat into her own head to put pieces of the Solinian ancestry together tends to live him slightly agitated.

Sear and Kree

A former Mysmaal and Garuda, respectively, both guard the Forwards Stone, causing them to age into their next lives at a slightly accelerated rate. Sear is easily bored, and is often found shirking his duties, instead found wandering the desert during a sand storm or trying to swim off the island during a hurricane just to add some stimulation into his life. Aggravated by his antics, the rest of the mages agreed to let him suscribe a newsletter via a Sept courier to keep him entertained. They even let him announce news in the Gathering Circle. Kree has a different approach to what may be the world's most boring job: sleep. She made sleeping twenty-two hours a day an art, only to get up for food and drink. She only wakes when a threat is looming or when the Gathering Circle is hosting a new guest.

D'ryle and Ekek

A Eusebian and Takafi, respectively, both are the most powerful mages in the village. Guarding the Still Stone, they are locked into their current forms by stopped time. D'ryle is the leader when it comes to the upkeep of the food stocks and city, while Ekek is a diplomat given the duty of resolving any problems that may exist between them and the Sept. D'ryle is a slave that escaped captivity during the human empire, but that was long ago. Then again, the bounty for his return is still active...

Captain Bynde

The leader of current Cell Squad of Biblio, he follows the letter of the law to its exact wording. A stickler for the rules, it is very surprising to find out that he is in fact a very large Wispen en route to maturity to being a Mega Wispen. When asked why he is so different from others, he usually falls silent. This is because when he was just a sapling, he had been uprooted from the soil so that he could be experimented on by a Vishim. This Vishim's activity was illegal, and he was caught. However, Bynde was the only Wispen survivor, and he grew up away from nature, not able to make any connection to it or his brethren. Rejected by his natural world and family, he grew massively depressed. Even with a special type of 'phototherapy', a type of plant rehabilitation program concocted by a Great Worm, he is essentially numb to the world. This spurred him on to become an officer of law. Most take this as a craving for justice. What it really is is spite against those who are the type of people who would hurt him. While he does his job as he is supposed to, he takes a special certain Wispen sadism in watching criminals fluster and suffer underneath the legal system. When he becomes rooted as a Mega Wispen, he plans to keep aiding the Cell Squad as an overseer of town and using the nearby forest animals in help for catching criminals.

While unable to communicate with nature as well as his brethren, there is an upside to his phototherapy--his species' natural affinity for poison and the modifications made by the humans and Great Worms allow him to make chemicals inside his body, making him a walking alchemical lab. There are even a few combination of potions that allow him to make concoctions found nowhere else in Solinia.


The leader of the Taktevolken, Rauchlehre is an imposing being. At a towering four meters tall and broad to match, he is a frightening opponent. He has a somewhat hunched posture, and his broad shoulders are draped with a tattered, oil-stained swath of cloth that may have been a long coat at one point. He wears a spiked helmet that doesn't cover his face.


Born into Eusebian royalty and national guard, Sepa felt it his duty to serve the kingdom's patron guard, Lunarine, to the end of his life. This created friction between him and his father, Shine, who believed that gods should do their own work and be held accountable. Sepa was to die in Lunarine's service in battle. Most claim it was an enemy arrow that did him in, but his father blamed Lunarine, feeling that she killed his son to get at him.

In what may be considered the biggest twist of fate (or Lunarine's most malicious act, depending on who you ask), Sepa is reincarnated as a Sept when Shine, now a Regulator, attempts to take over his former kingdom and spread his influence all over the land. Thus it is fated the father and son duel to the death. It is unknown if Lunarine specifically picked Sepa to be a Sept to spite Shine, or if the young man actually had something special hidden inside of him.

As a Sept Queen, Sepa is unusual in that he is bipedal. Instead of crawling on four feet and using two hands like other Sept, he walks on two feet and uses four arms for swordplay and magic casting. His chambers are adorned with tributes to his old kingdom, Lunarine and military texts.