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A number of cultures are native to Nuchalnuth, including the Takafi, the Morannon, the Navajo and the Chunel.


The western region of Nuchalnuth, the Plains of Jingara, are a very dry and inhospitable climate. Mostly flat, water is at a premium in many areas. To the north, the Skaranach Highlands become hillier and, to the Northwest, more lush. The Jungles of Metnalba, located to the west, are dense with verdant growth. Hills are common, with streams and rivers darting under the canopy like quicksilver. Green Hell, the thin bridge of land connecting southern Metnalba with Jingara, is a unique area. It has no true ground, only the monolithic trees in which all manner of life can be found.

Transport Links

Verlore lays in the western regions of Jingara.


It is from Nuchalnuth that Rhukadlor commands the invasion of the Southern continents.


In the heyday of the Human Empire, Nuchalnuth was heavily populated. Some of the leading scientists of the time conducted their work in what is now the Jungles of Metnalba, and Jingara was home to a unique tradition of spiritualists. This all came crashing down when the empire fell, and now all that's left is crumbling ruins.