Name: Race Name

Size: (Height of the race)

Skin: (Colour of their skin)

Hair: (Colour of their hair)

Eyes: (Colour of their eyes)

Legs: (How many legs?)

Arms: (How many arms?)

Artistic Style

Associated colour: (Colour that is often found with these people)

Associated mood: (Happy/Neutral/Sad)


Combat Ability: (Good, Normal, Poor, None)

Magic Ability: (Good, Normal, Poor, None)

Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Good

Home City: (The Main City of the race, if applicable - or Wilderness if an animal etc)

Primary Faction: (the main faction, ie The Nasudonians)

Primary Deity: (the main diety for this race)


The Ogres of Solinia are known for their extreme strength and simple minded savagery. They are extremely tall and very dangerous to anyone. They posses an unusual curiosity with all forms of life which usually ends up being unfortunate for the recipient.

The Ogres speak in a simple tongue and some races have even attempted to tame Ogres and teach them the basics of Common Tongue, they seem to grasp the concept but, like a child, have difficulty with grammatical tense and general syntax.

Solinia Ogres can trace their routes to the Ogre capital of Osogok on Halcron. The Osogok Ogres are the most dangerous threat here and are constantly watched by the Tsiyon armies that hold a solid line across the forest

Osogok is the only known location of Ogres on Solinia except for the ones that were brought as slaves by the Element Expeditionary Force. Osogok is an extremely simplistic society and the architecture emphasises this. Despite many attempts the forces of Tsiyon have attempted to lay siege on this city but due to the unswerving brute strength of the Ogres they have been unsuccessful.

Inspirational Reference

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