Name: Orc

Size: 6-7 feet

Skin: Greens and dark grays

Hair: Little

Eyes: Red

Legs: 2

Arms: 2

Artistic Style

Associated colour: Black and Green

Associated mood: Angry


Combat Ability: Good

Magic Ability: Poor

Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Evil

Home City: Citadel of the Black Fist

Primary Faction: Orcs

Primary Deity: Unknown


The mighty Orc empire that sprawls the Under have a unique history among the races of Solinia. Born at the start of the Cataclysm this race has never been outside of of war since their conception. Highly tactical, brutal warriors and forever conquerers.

Legends have it that Lord Erebus , a noble of the early Proto Humans, fled for the Under at the cusp of the Cataclysm and was charged with his life for his people to pass through the gates of Id-Kura. Agreeing, they safely passed under the great gate and into the Under where they remained for millenia. When the cataclysm had finally ended, the proto humans made their way to the surface to find themselves charged once more by The Titan to pass through. As is dictated by the code of the great gate, they were presented with their challenge. There lay in front of them their beloved ruler now a twisted image of himself and with dominion over endless armies of similarly savage and dangerous beasts he named Orc.

The battle was fierce and lasted weeks, the Orcs never tiring and the proto-humans suffering endless losses. It was not until a skilled archer by the name of Sheia Kandam entered the battle did the tides did turn. For Sheia's arrows were poisoned tipped with under mold and orcs became weakened and struggled to fight the effects. Erebus was never truly defeated that day, but weakened enough for their people to escape the Under and flee Kandam to make their new home. The Eusebian people of Alcor still honour this great battle to this day and hold festivals to mark the day they fled the Under.

It is said that Erebus still tramples the Under , crushing the many races that come before him and his orc armies endlessly seeking those who escaped him.

Inspirational Reference

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