Short and lively humanoids originally hailing form the great city of Eusebes on Alcor, the Eusebians have endured many years of war amongst themselves and their individual factions. Although neither good or evil the continual wars have aided the technology and advancement of their people and have made them moderately powerful combatants and magic users. The people of Eusebes are particularly good herbilists and are known for their skill at poison making and assassins. Continually having to defend themselves against the vampires of Mymsa, many famous Vampire Hunters have been born throughout the history of the continent of Alcor.

Unlockable: Chunel

The Chunel were created by Elder Human Xlaxotl in the depths of Mt. Yutacan on the continent of Nuchalnuth, actually a densely overgrown ziggurat of astonishing size. Designed to be jungle predators, their coloration aids them in blending in to forest and jungle terrain. They're a blend of old Human DNA and a cocktail of DNA from jungle animals. They often sport tails that, while not prehensile, nonetheless aid in balance.

The Chunel race can be unlocked by defeating Elder Human Xlaxotl in the depths of Mt Yutacan.

Unlockable: Mysmaal

Undoubtedly descendants of the Eusebians or perhaps the other way around? Either way, the Mysmaal shares similar physical features to them, apart from the dark hair and blue skin. Known for their vampiric tendencies, love of the night and eternal seclusion this race has been a scourge to all life on the continent of Alcor. Often wearing dark purple or black hooded robes these creatures prefer to be left alone.