Solina makes use of the stock torque mmo kit chat system which is a layered on top of IRC (Internet Relay Chat). This allows us to offload our chat to an IRC server and provide players with an out-of-game system for contacting players.

Internally, we also allow players to communicate by distance. This includes making use of the /say and /shout command.

/say - In-Character

The /say command allows players to talk to and be heard by players in a short distance around them. The /say system is language dependent and is required by players to be spoken in-character to ensure the roleplaying experience is maintained.

Players may set their spoken language through the /language command. This determines the output of the chat that players have typed. If the people reading the message have not mastered the language the text will be garble and encrypted until they pickup the skill. The more they listen to the skill the faster they will master it and eventually be able to speak it themselves.

Note: All players have the ability to speak in Common Tongue which developed in the city of Tsiyon.

/shout - In-Character

Shout is a similar system to the /say command and does not make use of IRC. The only difference is the shout command is zone wide instead of distance based.

/msg - Out-of-Character, Private Messaging

The /msg command allows a player to communicate directly with another player name in english. This is not language dependent and is used for a player to discuss whatever they like without breaking the roleplaying in-character rules we place on the /say and /shout command.

/o - Off Topic, Out-of-Character

This /o command provides players with a chat room where they may discuss anything off topic and non-game related. This is a global channel that anyone can hear and is a multi-user alternative to the private /msg command. This is where players may discuss their favourite tv show, sports or news.

/ooc - Out of Character

Out of character is a place for players to discuss the game without going off topic. This is very similar to the off topic room but is game related discussions only.

/help - Help Room - Out-of-Character

This is a place where players may come for official and community support and is out of character.