The world is, at present, finally beginning to prosper again. The slave races were never created to function autonomously, but the fifteen thousand years that have passed since the fall of the Empire has shaped their minds and allowed them to function and prosper on their own. It's been an uphill battle, fighting wars, hunger and the relatively new threat of political turmoil, but the races are coming in to their own.

They had best be, for to the North an ancient menace stirs. During the collapse of the Human Empire, a number of men were stored from the ravages of time through a blend of magic and technology. Now, fifteen millennia after the fall of the empire, the warlord Rhukadlor has risen. Fiercely devoted to an empire long since turned to dust and ashes, he has been building his strength in the forgotten lands of Nuchalnuth. His might, though a shadow of what it once was, is formidable. His forces include warriors conscripted from races never before seen in the southern lands. He drives them with the single goal of reforging the shattered and rusted shards of the empire. He has already taken much of Nuchalnuth, but has recently found Verlore, one of the few functioning Reality Bores left. Using it, he can disperse his forces to any other reality bores, even ones damaged enough that they can't function by themselves. He's set his sight on the Southlands.

When the tide of never-before seen monsters begins to flood forth, will the races of the South be able to defend themselves, or will they be absorbed into Rhukadlor's mad vision of Imperialism?

To fight him off, they will need to shut down the many reality bores scattered across the Southlands. Some must be destabilized. Some must be taken back with force. Some must even be destroyed.

Should the races push the invasion back, Rhukadlor is able to retreat back to Nuchalnuth. If they can confront him there though, they may finally put the expansion of a dead empire to rest.