Size: Varies

Skin: Brown, papery

Eyes: Caverns with yellow pupils

Arms: Varies

Legs: None, has a 'tail' instead

Color: Black

Mood: Hostile

Combat Ability: Average

Magic Ability: Varies, can always controls other ghosts

Alignment: Evil, but with no allegiance

Background: A ghost who dies in extreme hatred or agony becomes the physical manifestation of anger. Unlike Spex, Poltergeists can be harmed. However, they also have the ability to pick up objects and manipulate them, both with their appendages and their minds. They also have the ability to possess multiple Spex and have them attack nearby mortals, intent in adding them to their ranks. When encountering hostile Spex or a Poltergeist, immediate extermination is highly recommended. They can be identified by their papery, cloak like skin.