Player vs Player combat allows players to engage in duels with other players. This option needs to be toggled on temporarily by the player and is designed to be used for roleplay and not competitive combat (due to our open ended classless system).

Enabling PvP

Players may flag themselves available for PvP by enabling the option in the character window.

Engaging in PvP

Players who may be engaged in PvP are shown with a red name. Any player appearing PvP can be attacked like any NPC in normal combat.


Due to the possibility of creating Tank-Mage/Ultimate classes (a combination of every class in the game) it is possible for players to unflag an enemy as an attacker. Since the PvP system is to be used for roleplay purposes only they can type /pvpblock "Name". This can only be enabled outside of combat.

Players who have been pvpblocked will not show as red to one and another.


Players may select items in their inventory that are available to be looted by players. Any item not tagged as lootable will not be available to a victor.