Raiding allows players to partake in seemingly impossible battles against 'epic' npcs which allows access to the most impressive items, lore dialogues and rewards in game.

Forming a raid party

Raids are operated through the Raid Party window, known as an Alliance and are made of groups of 2 or more (maximum of 6).

To form a group the leader of the first group must invite any member of the other group members. The group leaders of each of these group will be given the Raid Accept dialog.

The original player who invited the target groups will become the raid leader.

The Raid GUI

On joining the raid party each group member will be given the optional Raid GUI window which will allow them to see all raid party members, their hp and mana level as well as allowing them to click on any member of the raid party for fast access.

The Raid Chat System

All players in a raid may chat using the /r raid command which is accessible on joining a raid.

The Raid Leader Window

The raid leader window allows the raid leader to set options such as looting permissions, moving group members to other groups.