Appearance Edit

Name: Rat

Size: 1 ft long

Skin: Pink

Hair: Dark Grey - Black

Eyes: Dark Grey, Black, Red

Legs: Two

Arms: Two

Artistic Style Edit

Associated colour: None

Associated mood: Neutral

Ability Edit

Combat Ability: Poor

Magic Ability: None

Alignment and Faction Edit

Alignment: Neutral

Home City: Wilderness

Primary Faction: Wilderness Creatures

Background Edit

Rats have changed over many years of being in isolation. They now need to fend off the land rather than the waste of other races. They tend to live in the more dark areas of cities and infest quite quickly due to their fast breeding capabilities. At times they will steal from markets and run off to their mass groups, which can generally be found inside the walls of homes or in alleyways. Rats have a very little sense of hostility and if attacked, it is likely that they will not stay and fight.

Inspirational Reference Edit