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Appearance Edit

Name: Rauklete (Rao-klet)

Size: Anywhere from 2 feet to 8 feet tall.

Skin: Composed of wood and brass.

Hair: None.

Eyes: 1+ Lenses. Some glow with an amber light.

Legs: 2-6

Arms: 1-4

Artistic Style Edit

Associated colour: Brass and warm wood tones.

Associated mood: Neutral

Ability Edit

Combat Ability: Varies on individual.

Magic Ability: Varies on individual, usually poor.

Alignment and Faction Edit

Alignment: Neutral-good

Home City: Decentralized

Primary Faction: The Brassheart Collective

Background Edit

File:Skin rauklete.png

The Rauklete are a race of steam-powered, sentient automatons. It's assumed that they're some byproduct of the human empire, but no real record of their history exists.

Their appearance varies on individual, though some themes are common. There's always a boiler, often where a stomach would be on a living creature, and there's always some furnace used to heat the boiler. Beyond that, they vary hugely in number of arms, legs and even sensory components. They are usually constructed of wood, brass and sometimes copper.

Inspirational Reference Edit

[1] with a less distinctly human face.