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Although originally constructed by some other race, Ravenholme is now home to the Vishim exclusively.


Situated on the south western corners of Game:Asgarad the lands around Ravenholme are fertile and farmable.


Large amounts of timber are available in this area which the Vishim use for construction, bows and ships. They take great care in replanting any of the forest they make use of. Also far to the north beyond broadstone lake can be found many mines where gold, silver and emerald can be mined.

Local Wildlife

To the north and south are forests where the Vishim collect berries and fruits as a source of food. There are plenty of wildlife, but the Vishim are vegetarian. There are also abundant amounts of fish on the coast which the Vishim leave alone.

Transport Links

Ravenholme has become somewhat of a Seaport which connects their lands directly to Avalon


Ravenholme is partially built on the shore of the south western sea Asgarad of Asgarad and the ocean runs into the centre of the city to the large docks and ship production yards. Surrounding the city is it's thick hexagonal emerald walls which have protected the inhabitants for many years against undead invasion. High above the centre of the city and slightly beyond the docks can be found the inner ring of walls which surround the Vishim Royal Palace, a gigantic fortress that glows with the same green materials that the city walls are plated with.

The city itself is split into several districts that follow various purposes.

Northern Districts

The northern district is directly connected to the southern shipping district by an underpass that runs beneath the royal district and palace. Allowing travellers from over the ocean to visit Ravenholme's market and foreign quarters without disturbing the residential areas kept for the Vishim . The Northern district provides shelter, services and trade to outsiders wishing to visit the Vishim home and for adventurers hoping to travel north and explore Asgarad further.

Places of Interest/Areas:

Gate House and Military District

Market and Foreign Quarter

Foreign Housing Area

Tsiyon Satalite Bank

The Emerald Inn

Western Districts

The western districts of Ravenholme are home to the pure Vishim races and is accessible via a tunnel that leads to the Eastern District. Most outsiders are not welcome here unless summoned.

Places of Interest/Areas:

Housing District

Eastern Districts

The eastern district contains the majority of facilities, guilds and religious temples needed by the Vishim. It connects to the Royal Palace, Northern and Eastern districts and outsiders are generally not welcome unless summoned by one of the many Vishim guilds that make their home here. In the center of the district is the city square where many bards often make their performances. Also, due south is the Palace entrance which overshadows the entire district. Here the Royal family regularly address their people from the platform that reaches out from the citadel.

The eastern district is known for it's gardens and many scholarly businesses that operate in this area.

Places of Interest/Areas:




Town Square and Theatre

Southern Districts

The souther disctrict is a place for passengers from over the seas to enter into the northern foreign quarter via a tunnel that passes beneath the royal district. Many shipwrites, trade importers and exporters operate here.

A river runs directly under the city wall bridge into the southern docks from the south western ocean that is adjacent to the city where many passenger and trade vessels pass many times daily.

Places of Interest/Areas:

Inner Royal District (built high above this district and surrounded by walls which contains the Royal Palace, Noble Housing District and is only accessible from the eastern district)

Vessel production district

Shipping District

Beyond the city

To the north of the city gates the many windmills and farms of the Vishim can be found. Further still Strathyr Forest to the east and Broadstone Lake to the north west which the Vishim military regularly patrol.

Locations of Interest

The Royal Palace of the Carthendel Dynasty

The Great Library



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Ravenholme was given it's name following the discovery of the abandoned city by Vishim Scouts in 49110 ME after the exodus of Caer Bedion . From the descriptions kept by scholars the city was 'Home to a hundred thousand ravens and nothing more'. The city itself is known for it's majestic emerald covered walls which have suprisingly survived all these years and it's extensive trade and ship production.

After many years of settlement the city has become the crown of the Vishim empire and is home to the royal bloodline. It's armies are renown for their skill against undead which they have battled with for centuries to the East of Strathyr Forest .

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