About Edit

Resources provide players with a method for creating custom items, vehicles and housing. Resources can also be sold at vendors for a varying price.

Types of resources Edit

  • Timber:
- Ash
- Oak
- Pine
- Willow
- Maple
- Conifer
- Evergreen
- Birch
- Silver Birch
- Cedar
- Beech- Aspen
  • Metals:
- Tin
- Copper
- Aluminum
- Nickel
- Steel
- Iron
- Mercury
- Zinc
- Silver
- Gold
- Magnesium
- Lead
- Platinum
- Brass
- Bronze
  • Stone:
Precious Stones:
- Ambert: confers health
- Amethyst: brings peacefulness
- Aquamarine: increases optimism of wearer
- Black Agate: produces great energy and courage
- Carbuncle: reassures wearer in times of peril
- Coral: friendship and attachments prosper
- Cornelian: another stone which confers friendliness
- Chrysolite: the stone of hapiness
- Diamond: produces the capability to see and speak the truth
- Emerald: intesifies loyalty
- Garnet: aids the physical strength
- Jade: aids the mental powers
- Jasper: second only to the chrysolite for happiness
- Lapis-Lazuli: produces and intensifies intellectual ability
- Onyx: makes for clearness of sight and mind
- Opal: induces confidence- Pearl: makes the wearer pure
- Red-Agate: has a calming effect on the wearer
- Ruby: the stone for lovers, intensifying passion
- Sapphire: the stone of innocence, best for children
- Sardonyx: produces much vivacity and gaeity
- Topaz: makes the wearer calm and gentle
- Turquoise: the wearer is assured of some success at least
Building Stones:
- Granite: Gray, black, browns, reds, greens, gray, blue-gray
Very hard
- Limestone: Gray, buff, variegated gray/buff
- Sandstone: Buff, reddish brown, gray
Medium to Hard
- Marble: White, grays, greens, reds, black, variegated
- (Building Ice): Cloudy White
Very Hard
  • Plants:
- Almond
- Angelica
- Camomile
- Eye-Bright
- Heart Trefoil
- Juniper
- Mustard
- Rosemary
- Rue
- Saffron
- Sundew
- Vine and Walnut
- Adder's-Tongue
- Cress
- Mouse-Ear
- Orpine
- Saxifrage
- Trefoil
- Calamint
- Caraway
- Dill
- Endive
  • Land Creatures:
  • Aquatic Creatures:

Harvesting Edit

All of the above nodes can be attained through harvesting. Harvesting can only be achieved through the use of a relevant tool and the required skill level of the node being harvested. Each node has a minimum harvesting level attached to it which is determined by it's contents.

Tools Edit

  • Timber - Axes
  • Metals - Picks
  • Stone - Hammers
  • Plants - None
  • Land Creature - None
  • Fish - Fishing rod

Placement Edit

Harvest node spawn points are placed by a world mapper and assigned a harvest group which contains the harvest type, minimum harvest level and base item on a successful harvest.

Autogenerated Harvests Edit

Once a week harvests will change all around the world. This updates the harvest groups with different item bonuses and allows for new items to be populated into the world on a regular basis. However, this does not change the harvest spawn locations.

Colours Edit

Every harvest type is assigned a colour. The colour determines the stat modified. This changes on weekly basis.

For example: red affects fire, blue effects water, white effects healing.

Strength Edit

Every harvest type is assigned a strength. The strength determines the strength of the stat. This changes on a weekly basis.

For example: dull = low strength, glowing = high strength.

This provides you with a system for automated resources. Such as "'Glowing' 'Red' Iron Cluster".