The roleplaying toolkit provides a system to improve and add ease to roleplaying in a 3d world.

  • Provide players a way to find and join other roleplayers
  1. Major Cities could have, at their gates, a map, that shows which gate your at (you are here) with some sort of 'magically rendered' colorization difference to show the 5 largest population centers in the town. Sort of like a player radar display. This would allow players to find the largest groups of people in cities. If they're all at a crafting hub, mailbox, or auction house, then you know which blobs are likely RP events being hosted by other players. Only showing the 5 largest clusters or so, eliminates players exploiting it to find solitary players to harass in any way. Having this at the gates, instead of actively carried prevents exploiting it for use as a tracking device.
  2. A Description Tooltip System. When RP server players in WoW had a hard time finding other active RPers, someone created an addon for this purpose, and it serves it well. The idea is when a player opens their character sheet, there be a tab for a description, that includes an RP setting flag slider.
  • Allow players to host their own roleplay events without the need for GMs
  1. Bulletin Board System: A physical Board in town centers, and along various rural roads, that allow people to put up scribed notes. Connect to a forum that is view-only (unless logged in with your gameplay account), so it can only be posted to by player characters, not anonymous random forum accounts, and at a limited number of times a day from outside the game. This is so that people can view/organize and interact (to an extent) when they are unable to play the game physically. (Such as at work, or away from home.)
  1. See the Population Density Map (Point 1 of the first section)
  1. See the RP setting flag slider of the Description Tooltip System (Point 2 of the first section)
  • Give players the necessary tools to express their character
  1. Prescripted emotes available via /commands and/or a dropdown list.
  2. The "/me" free emote command
  3. A list of animations/postures/poses to express the character via /commands and/or a dropdown list. Most MMO's have sit and stand, sometimes kneel, lay down, almost always attached to the emotes, so you can't just fall down, you have to lie down, and then provide a secondary emote, hoping people ignore the first. Access to some simple poses, so you can make your character lean against a wall, or sit down cross legged on the ground, or in a lotus meditation pose instead, seperate from prescripted emotes, allows for a much wider world of character RP interaction.

(I am working on a list of emotes and poses, trying to keep the list of poses simple, but varied. Will post them in a seperate wikipage later.)

  • Allow players to advertise their current roleplaying status
  1. See the RP setting flag slider of the Description Tooltip System.
  • Allow players to provide other players with background lore and information on their character
  1. A Journal System: A big problem with character descriptions is a lot of players write impressive backstories for their characters, and want to share them with people, but including it in the description opens it up for metagaming. To rectify this, the RP tools should include a Journal tab, accessable from in-game, or like with the bulletin board, out of game only with player accounts. This would be completely optional, with no in-game effect.
A. This allows players to write updates and developments in the character's stories, as well as store various notes they may want to keep about creatures, loot tables, or whatever else.
B. Sharing should be optional. This way it could be used as an OOC note-tool, or an IC storytelling device. If shared, other players could access it via the website and read if they so desired, and it could perhaps be a lootable item other players could steal [copies] of.
C. This would also allow an opt-in merchandising angle. Find somewhere that'll print small runs of books, find a few handwriting-style fonts, and once a player is declared permanently dead, offer them the option to have their leather-bound journal printed off for 10 dollars over production cost.


This would require:

  • Creation of a subdomain such as and a web-interface:
  • phpbb install for bulletin board system, and backend to link to in-game bulletin board system.
  • Linking of player account login database to login server for said subdomain
  • List of prescripted emotes and postures to be available via /commands or dropdown menu for players & Posture/animations modelled
  • Character page recreation of tooltip and form functuionality of
  1. 1. RP Tab of Character Sheet (Description Box, Surname/Title Box, Contact Desire slider, Roleplaying Status Slider)
  2. 2. Journal Tab (Journal Entry Box, Previous Page Button, Next Page Button, Notes Page Button)