Name: Siréne

Size: Human Sized

Skin: Brown, White, Blue, or Green

Hair: Natural Colors, Blue, and Green

Eyes: Completely Black

On Land: Two.
In water: Fish Tail.

Arms: Two.

= Artistic Style =

Associated colour: Sea Green / Deep Blue

Associated mood: Happy

= Ability =

Combat Ability: Poor

Magic Ability: Good

= Alignment and Faction =

Alignment: Good

Home City: Danu Talis

Primary Faction: Mermaids, Elementals

Primary Deity: None

= Background =

Over the centuries in Solinia, there have been sightings of mysterious creatures appearing in the oceans of Solinia. Nobody could explain what these were. 

In 53198 ME, an explorer by the name of Celcasus Bigdery, often made fun by colleages for being crazy, discovered what these creatures were. They identified themselves as Mermaids. 

They had been seperated from the world since the dawn of time, and had a completely different culture. Their city lay beneath the waves, and it was named Danu Talis. It was also later explained that during the Cataclysm most of the mermaid population died off. It was only a few survivors that managed to escape the terrible catastrophe.

They share similarities with the Wood Elves, only instead of loving trees and flora, they love the oceans and fish as if they were gods. 

Mermaids are civilized, though they may seem primitive to some. They wear adornments for various achievments, such as, they would turn a purple-hued rock from the seabed into a pin, and give it to a mermaid that had contributed to their society somehow. These marks of honor mean very much to the mermaids.
Little else is known about the mermaids except that they can walk on land, but prefer water. 

= Inspirational Reference =

Credit to FoxySims for Lore & Information