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Cultures Edit

The Skaranach Highlands are the home of the Morannon.

Geography Edit

The highlands differ depending on what area you're in. The eastern area, connecting to northern Jingara, is quite dry, though notably more hilly. To the West, however, the increasingly hilly terrain holds the clouds coming from the North, and the Western half of the Highlands is actually quite green.

Resources Edit

The Highlands are quite rich in minerals along the Northern coast. The Northwestern regions have a good population of redwood trees, the lumber of which is excellent in many uses. The Western half also has a large amount of fertile ground, good for crops or grazing livestock.

Local Wildlife Edit

The Eastern Highlands have many of the same animals native to the plains of Jingara. There is population of bears towards the west, along with a breed of slightly large wolf. A breed of four-horned sheep is also native to the region, and though they may be fluffy their horns are also quite strong and rather sharp.

Transport Links Edit

The Highlands connect with the plains of Jingara to the Southeast, and the jungles of Metnalba to the Southwest.

Locations of Interest Edit

A common sight in the Highlands are burial mounds, each mound often being used for many bodies. There's one however that differs from the rest.

Threats Edit

The wolves are always a danger to travelers or farmers. Bandits are also a problem, more so in some parts than others. The Great Mound of Lamasen, carved into a very large hill. It descends quite deeply, and is the resting place of a multitude of Morranon. It is here that they lay their heroes to rest, and over the centuries there have been many. Turun of the Red Dawn, Rogvar the High-handed and Olaf the Rune-breaker can all be found here. Some claim it to be haunted, which would be less than surprising.