Size: Varies

Skin: None, espery substance

Hair: Varies, any hair floats

Eyes: None, hollow sockets instead

Arms: Varies

Legs: None, has a 'tail' instead

Color: Whitish silver

Mood: Usually calm

Combat Ability: Low

Magic Ability: none

Alignment: neutral, evil (when controlled)

Background: Many, many beings died when the cataclysm happened. This has resulted in many spirits coming about, souls with regrets and unfinished business. Usually, they are merely wandering, bemoaning their loss. They have limited ways of interacting with the world, not able to manipulate anything lighter than a few pounds. They are susceptible to control when influenced by a poltergeist, a ghost who died in extreme anger. They then become as angry as their controller and attack en masse, causing immense damage to any living victims they want to join them. Until the poltergeist is neutralized, the Spex become its immortal army, as they can not be killed again. Inspiration: Ghosts