Name: Taktevolken

Size: 6-7 feet tall, 12-16 feet are rare

Skin: Stained with soot and grease, usually blackish

Hair: None.

Eyes: Empty holes or black lenses, often two, the larger ones can have many eyes or sometimes no apparent eyes.

Legs: Usually two.

Arms: Usually two.

Artistic Style

Associated colour: Black.

Associated mood: Neutral.


Combat Ability: Very good.

Magic Ability: None.

Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Evil.

Home City: The Iron Fortress

Primary Faction: The Taktevolken


Skin taktevolken

Current Racial Skin

One of the mechanical races of Alatyr, the Taktevolken are powered by the diesel they harvest from their homeland, Krastoffen. They are warriors, eagerly trying to capture regions of Uhrwek and Tosteladt. So far, no attempts at diplomacy have had any success.

Inspirational Reference

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