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Cultures Edit

Tankanira is the primary settlement of the Takafi.

Resources Edit

No water or food is produced from Tankanira, as the Takafi don't need to eat or drink. They do produce excellent carved wooden objects, though.

Local Wildlife Edit

The plains nearby are home to a large breed of komodo dragon. To the southwest lays a grove of boabab trees, from which the Takafi gather wood to make more of their own.

Transport Links Edit

Tankanira is due Southeast of Verlore by a good distance. As it's likely one of the earlier settlements that will be visited on Nuchalnuth, there's a rough path leading towards it.

History Edit

The Takafi chose to this site to construct a settlement because it's a sort of wellspring of the primal magic that gives them life. That, combined with the proximity of more wood was all the incentive they needed.