Appearance Edit

Size: Human size, but sometimes on all fours

Skin: Varies, default is chalky, dry skin

Hair: None

Eyes: Small and black

Arms: Two, act as front legs when on fours

Legs: Two

Artistic Style Edit

Color: Chameleon stripes

Mood: Feral, docile only when fed

Ability Edit

Combat Ability: Extremely high, with high speed but a fragile defense.

Magic Ability: None

Alignment and Faction Edit

Alignment: Neutral, but recognizes and hates evil

Home City: None, found in various environments

Deities Worshipped: Ashtor

Background Edit

Skin taxicost

Current Racial Skin

No one knows where the Taxicosts fit in with nature originally. All that's known is that they now fit in with nature nearly everywhere. When naked, they are bone white, lean and bald. When wearing fur, they can be anything from a bear to a mix of seemingly mythological creatures. This is because their specialty is to hunt down creatures and use their fur to take on their attributes. In other words, these beings have taken mimicry to a magical level. As a part of the natural world, they recognize and despise what is unnatural and attack. This has led to them being especially good at hunting monsters made in laboratories or the undead given life once again, taking their characteristics and using it against the creature's former kin. There is a downside to this: Taxicosts can only wear two skins at a time (masters can go up to four), and after a period of three days, the skin withers, forcing them to rely on their natural speed and hunting instinct to seek out a new one. These creatures do not get along well with the more developed races, but those that have been known to live near cities have been reported to become less afraid of other species and a few even act as an intermediary between the alien race and Taxicosts when the need for alliance arises. Overall, however, the friendliest Taxicosts tends to be the ones that are left alone.

There are some rumors of a Taxicost that can equip more than four skins and can combine them to make frightening looking creatures. It's also rumored that this Taxicost is the first one to ever exist...

Inspirational Reference Edit

Werewolves (the type that wore their skin)