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Some members of the school of magic arts, notably exceptionally skilled Wizards, have mastered the art of teleportation to transport themselves and others over vast distances in a seemingly short amount of time.

Wizards explain this as a process similar to folding a piece of fabric and threading a needle through it, reality being the fabric and the spell being the needle. They effectively transpose one area of reality on top of the other, so traveling then becomes as simple as stepping into the conjoined reality field and simply deciding through willpower which area they will be in when they walk out of the field.

Another type of teleportation is that used by the ancient human empire. It uses a large, stable structure to weaken the very fabric of reality around it, creating something like a low-pressure reality vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum, so it's relatively easy to, through the ancient machines or through modern magic, conjure oneself to fill that vacuum.

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Many philosophers believe that the process of punching doors through the fabric of reality will weaken it, and it may indeed have been this type of action that drew the attention of Game:The Inevitable.

Despite the reassurance of many wizards, it is also common belief that one can become stuck in the in-between reality of the conjoined reality field. This is the principle reason why teleportation is not the standard means of transportation.

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Modern teleportation was discovered when the principles of the Reality Bores were misunderstood. This incorrect understanding led to a much more portable version of what the Human empire had created though, not requiring large towers to be effective.

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The first successful mage to use the modern form of Teleportation was an Endol sorcerer who quickly picked up the nickname of 'The Traveler'. He refined the broken concepts of the form and made it a rather efficient method of travel.

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Several locations around Solinia have been found to contain the reality weakening field necessary to allow transportation. In these areas objects or geological structures are imprinted with a signature that wizards often harvest for the construction of their spells.

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Reality weakening fields were the easiest and most cost effective way the Human Empire was able to find to make Teleportation a reality.

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