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Run by a group of Eiao miners


A deep mineshaft in the southern area of Crystwind Peak on the Lower Plains of Karnon


Many types of metal

Local Wildlife


Transport Links

On the southern edges of Crystwind Peak on the Lower Plains of Karnon

Locations of Interest

The mineshaft itself


Occasionally some Gobel and wolves try to make their home in the mineshaft


The Vartouhi Mineshaft was created by Diajav who started the movement to a centralized coin system

He didn't find it by accident but that is his story...

This party seemed to want him to discover the mine shaft for some unknown reason

They knew of his 'gift' for finding things and they sent him there on purpose knowing it would lead to the eventual construction of the world currency system

He was really hired by a man Kondrat representing an undisclosed interested party

He was paid an undisclosed sumbut the real reason is that they knew only a massive project like world currency could remove the significant amount of metal in that mine because what they are after is directly underneith it...