Time Timeline A Timeline B
Mythological Age
0 BC The Genesis Storyline As timeline A
4 BC The Ouroboros Arrives As timeline A
7 BC The Black Rock crashes into the planet As timeline A
849 BC Ferrelux is formed As timeline A
1480 BC Shai is born As timeline A
1500 BC The creation of the Mythological Gods, Methabeht etc As timeline A
1500 BC Shai dies As timeline A
1658 BC Tarakan is formed As timeline A
1750 BC Akakios is born As timeline A
1810 BC Adelita is born As timeline A
1834 BC Ghufran is born As timeline A
1923 BC Dok'a'ta is born As timeline A
2030 BC Llys Don is formed As timeline A
2403 BC Ferrelux falls As timeline A
2709 BC Leonidas is born As timeline A
2720 BC Ghefran dies As timeline A
2758 BC Tean'Zu is formed As timeline A
2850 BC Enoch is born As timeline A
3153 BC Stormhold is created As timeline A
3500 BC The Tinai are created As timeline A
3545 BC Shana is born As timeline A
3882 BC Azura (Pyramid) is created As timeline A
3927 BC Beza (Pyramid) is created As timeline A
4130 BC Alpha is born As timeline A
4132 BC Oboron is born As timeline A
4160 BC The Fortress of Oshumare is constructed As timeline A
5003 BC Xenophon (Proto Human) experiments with Translocation Magic As timeline A
5008 BC Xenophon (City) is created in honour of the master wizard who pioneered teleportation As timeline A
5340 BC Caer Bedion is created As timeline A
6250 BC Eusean is formed As timeline A
7600 BC The Tower is created As timeline A
7653 BC Zuriel is born As timeline A
7835 BC Esoron is destroyed As timeline A
7835 BC Oboron is killed As timeline A
7836 BC The Cataclysm Storyline As timeline A
7836 BC Lord Erebus

, a noble of the early Proto Humans, fled for the Under at the cusp of the Cataclysm

As timeline A
7836 BC The Ouroboros is killed As timeline A
7836 BC All life on Solinia is destroyed As timeline A
7836 BC Nijin Village is dropped into boiling lake. Later in the year, the Klacker falls from the sky and makes it home there. As timeline A
The Dead Age
All events under this are known as PC, Post Cataclysm. As timeline A
51200 PC The world is habitable again As timeline A
The Modern Age
4 ME The Fortress of Oshunmare collapses As timeline A
5 ME The Appearence of the Elder Gods As timeline A
6 ME The prototype Taxicost, Cuddles, is created by the gods. As timeline A
9 ME Considered a failure, Cuddles is imprisoned, and the rest of the Taxicost are left on Solinia to fend for themselves. As timeline A
29734 ME -  The Proto Human Empire is born from a collection of city-states, and rapidly expands As timeline A
29945 ME -  Proto Human life is eradicated from Alatyr by the expanding empire, who are in turn rebuked by the masterless machines there As timeline A
29980 ME -  The machines of Alatyr coalecse into two groups that could be defined as races, the Zahnfe and the Rauklete As timeline A
30138 ME -  The Proto Human Empire achieves global dominion As timeline A
3100 ME The Elder Gods leave Solinia leaving with the Protohumans knowledge that would lead to the creation of races As timeline A
35496 ME

The ancestral races are created by the proto humans

During this period some of the races are granted their names - Meroei, Nijin, Eusebian, The Mysmaal, Vishim, Eiao, Lidkim, Gialon, Endol, Chunel, Garuda, Morannon, Himapan Centaur, Taxicost, Rauklete, Taktevolken, Zahnfe, Setagn, Siréne

Although not all were created by the Proto Humans

As timeline A
35500 ME Hope Library is constructed. As timeline A
37315 ME The Temple of Tranquility is constructed As timeline A
37764 ME The Proto Human Empire begins to decay rapidly As timeline A
37797 ME The building that would eventually be named Mt. Yutacan, at that point a sprawling science lab, is sealed by uprising proto human slaves As timeline A
37823 ME A seething eruption of magic in Jingara animates a number of masks, and in doing so creates the Takafi As timeline A
37840 ME A clash of epic magic in southern Metnalba radically alters the landscape, dropping the ground into oblivion and creating Green Hell As timeline A
37933 ME D'ryle escapes captivity. Has a bounty put on his head. As timeline A
37943 ME Planning against what seemed inevitable, a number of proto humans are stored from the ravages of time through a mixture of magic and science. Rhukadlor is among them. As timeline A
37946 ME The Proto Human Empire lays in ruins, the overwhelming majority of humans are dead As timeline A
37947 ME The All Consumer defends Hope Library from eradication. Cheju becomes a safe haven for scholars. As timeline A
38006 ME After a crisis is averted, Time Mage Village is founded. As timeline A
38283 ME The Temple of Tranquility is lost As timeline A
38283 ME The Garuda evacuate Sierra Miwok (Modern Hoa'Kar) As timeline A
38304 ME The Monastary of Amonsul is constructed As timeline A
42503 ME Chelthix is formed As timeline A
43620 ME Tean'Zu is settled by the Lidkim As timeline A
48980 ME Feryn is born As timeline A
48989 ME Lial is born. As timeline A
49089 ME Lial passes away. As timeline A
49107 ME The Hoakan's evacuate Agartha and leave Nasudana As timeline A
49107 ME Caer Bedion falls As timeline A
49107 ME Cerberus is captured by Feryn As timeline A
49108 ME Chelthix falls As timeline A
49109 ME Feryn is killed As timeline A
49110 ME The Vishim settle Ravenholme As timeline A
49520 ME Eusebes is destroyed As timeline A
49690 ME Kitezh is formed As timeline A
50421 ME The Village of Hoa'Kar is founded As timeline A
51300 ME Kitezh is destroyed As timeline A
51390 ME The Citadel of Kandam is formed As timeline A
51420 ME Meropis is formed As timeline A
51420 ME The first of many empires to be named The Meropian Empire begins to grow on in the ancestral lands far to the east of Solinia. It's existence would stand for countless aeons and spawn many new empires in the west to honour its name  As timeline A
The Old Meropian Age
4 OE The unpopulated land of Alatyr suffers unusual shudders below its surface (taktevolken drilling) As timeline A
4 OE Nothing unusual...

Several Jin from far in the future which had crashed into the Ocean arrives in the distant past of Solinia 

Other races travel through time during this period and arrive on Alatyr also

5 OE The Elder Gods return once again to Solinia The future is unclear
10 OE The Taktevolken emerge seemingly from the wilderness of Alatyr, and swiftly carve an empire The future is unclear
12 OE Rhukadlor emerges from the ruins of the Human Empire and begins trying to rebuild what was lost The future is unclear
17 OE The Nijin Bless abandons her hidden village. The future is unclear
18 OE Cuddles is found by Bless and is released. The future is unclear
20 OE Septs anger god and are transformed. Moved into Icarica desert. The future is unclear
317 OE Shine marries his country's queen. He is made head of the Royal Army, and proceeds to protect the kingdom for many years. The future is unclear
318 OE Shine's son, Sepa, is born. The future is unclear
345 OE Sepa is set to fight for Lunarine, despite Shine's protest. The future is unclear
347 OE Sepa dies in combat. Feeling betrayed by the country's god, and upset that his wife still praises Lunarine, he abandons his post and spouse, and leaves the kingdom. He is later recruited by Bless and Cuddles. The Regulators are first established with three leaders. The future is unclear
410 OE Agent Bleed joins the Cell Squad. The future is unclear
445 OE Agent Bleed is caught and tortured for information on the Hope Library. He resists and escapes. The trauma leaves him permanently sick. The future is unclear
448 OE Bleed is recruited to the Regulators as a leader, and helps Slur establish a criminal foothold in Cheju. The future is unclear
485 OE Bynde and other Wispens are kidnapped by the Regulators. This is their first (known) activity. The future is unclear
505 OE Element 7 is lost The future is unclear
505 OE An earthquake hits Solinia in the Dessai area. The resulting rubble knocks out the All Consumer. The All Consumer dreams, leading to the mutation and madness of Element 6. They disappear when it wakes. The future is unclear
1235 OE New lands are discovered far to the west of Solinia by the western races and are settled following the search for Element 7
The Age of Exploration
1 AE

Highguard is formed by travelling explorers far to the west of Solinia

The future is unclear
20 AE Alliances are made between Meropians, Eusebians, Chunel and Mysmaal
34 AE The Mysmaal turn their back on their allies and war brews
72 AE Following endless war, settlers abandon lands in search of even newer frontiers 
95 AE Alaris a small town is formed by survivors of a crashed ship The future is unclear
150 AE Alaris and Northreach, a northern bastion, is abandoned following massive undead attacks. The races flee to the North through the Northlands and eventually discover an island off the continent of Kumari The future is unclear
153 AE The Northlands are discovered and settled The future is unclear
155 AE The island of Aquion is discovered and settled The future is unclear
155 AE Kumari is discovered The future is unclear
300 AE The larger landmass of Kumari is settled by races of the west The future is unclear
5302 AE

The populations among the west flourish and new empires rise and fall. One of these would be the New Meropian Empire which influences span far and wide

Over time and great seperation noticable racial differences emerge between the races

The future is unclear
22000 AE

The greatest modern races are predominent in the west including: Modern Human, High Elf, Fairy, Wood Elf, Half Elf, Dark Elf, Vampire, Barbarian, Orc, Ogre, Troll, Half Dragon, Gnome, Goblin, Hobbit, High Human, Undead, Dwarf, Ratman, Lizardman, Elemental, Kobold, Angel, Fallen Angel

The older ancestral races still continue to flourish in the east

The future is unclear
22303 AE The New Meropian Empire after years of growth begins to suffer economic collapse resulting in rioting and the exile of their leader The future is unclear
22395 AE The Tomb of Hiran Asura is breached by the dragon Python on the lands of Kumari The future is unclear
22420 AE  The Destruction of Kumari The future is unclear
22420 AE Races flee from Kumari The future is unclear
22420 AE Hiran Asura arrives  The future is unclear
22425 AE The Elder Gods reemerge requesting assistance from the population of Solinia to prevent hiran asura from breaching their planes and destroying them The future is unclear
55425 AE

Methabeht arrives and much fighting occurs between his followers and Asurans

The future is unclear
55425 AE The Ancestral races join forces with the modern races in the fight between Hiran and the surviving gods The future is unclear
55460 AE A cursed crown of a lost reptilian race is discovered and infects the warring races. They flee to the southern tundra to fortress of New Heran   The future is unclear
22490 AE

Optar discovers the arrival of a coming Comet which will annihalate all life on Solinia. 

The event is misinterpretted to represent a prophecy which actually relates to the Jin

The future is unclear
22553 AE The Jin crash land on Solinia in the vessel The Reaper The future is unclear
22553 AE The Jin travel back in time to 4 OE with some of the settlers of Solinia The future is unclear
22560 AE Meropian traders discover the wreckage of a Jin ship in the ocean named The Reaper and have it transported to Old Meropis by the Eusebians The future is unclear
22569 AE After years of struggle understanding the technology of The Reaper the Meropians request aid from the High Humans The future is unclear
22575 AE The Reaper technology is used to create The Ark a huge ship to escape Solinia from upcoming destruction from a large asteroid The future is unclear
The Age of Asura
22580 AE An asteroid destroys large portions of Solinia The future is unclear
22720 AE Hiran Asura takes advantage of the destruction of Solinia to annihalate some of it's oldest beasts such as the All Consumer The future is unclear
22992 AE  Hiran Asuras forces succesfully conquer Solinia The future is unclear
22353 AE The Elemental Gods are slain in their Planes by Hiran Asura The future is unclear
The Age of Rebirth
1 AR The fleeing Meropian and Eusebian people aboard The Ark land on the green planet designated Vesper
159 AR After years of exploration of Vesper, The New Capital of Phaeton is established by the survivors
194 AR The last of the line of Meropian/Tsiyon Royalty dies
195 AR Eurystheus seizes the throne of phaeton by military force
200 AR The start of the Eusabian rebellion
210 AR Battle of Acolan's Pass
245 AR Caeneus is crowned Emperor of the Eusebians
246 AR The capital of Telamon is established by the Eusabians
257 AR Battle of The Vile Sea
258 AR Telamon is destroyed by Meropian navy and Emperor Caeneus poisoned
250 AR The Eusebians flee Vesper by stealing The Ark
259 AR Emperor Caeneus is placed into statis on The Ark to prevent death from his assassination attempt on Vesper
272 AR The crew are able to continue communication with him through his thoughts which are interpretted by The Ark's AI allowing his rule to continue.
278 AR Emperor Eurstheus dies and his son, Catreus, takes the Meropian throne
310 AR The Meropians expand to new planets in the neighbouring galaxy
322 AR Catreus establishes a new capital Meropia on the ice planet of Cryswind
339 AR The Ark discovers the habitable (purple) planet of Virumaa. The Eusebians establish the capital of Odyssia and continue to be ruled by their Emperor in statis.
340 AR Hiran Asura departs Solinia in search of the home of the mythological god Kali.
350 AR The Eusebians expand to new planets in the neighbouring galaxy
360 AR Meropian Emperor Catreus dies, Lady Xiu Catreus II takes the throne as Empress
375 AR The Asurans led by Zasamaal destroy Phaeton and conquer Vesper
380 AR Meropian Forces encounter Eusbians in deep space during the Battle of the Lonely Star, the Meropians retreat at the superior forces of the Eusebians
390 AR The SOL Trade Federation is established comprised of Eusebians and Meropians and acts as an intermediary between the warring empires.
395 AR The Asurans destroy the Eusebian outpost on Malakia and further weakens both empires
397 AR Todays setting